Dear Residents of the Town of Osceola,

Please take ten minutes to file out the mailed United States 2020 Census form that you have received.  It will be a blue highlighted page asking you to respond by April 1 at


It will also include a Census ID code for your residence.  Please read all of the information carefully.  There are less than 10 questions for each person residing at that residence on April 1.  There will be NO questions about your income, social security number, or requests for money.  It only requires the WHO, HOW OLD, & GENDER of the peopl residing at that address.

If everyone replies ON-LINE, there will be NO need for a door-to-door census taker in our Township.

Below is a copy of the census letter to be on the alert for with the personal information hidden.

Please take a moment to complete. 

Thank you, 

Kay Wege, Clerk