Dog Licenses

The dog license fee is $10.00 for a non-spayed/neutered dog and $5.00 for spayed/neutered (proof required) dog. All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Vaccination papers are a yearly requirement for obtaining the license (State Statute 174.050). Please have the papers present.

More than seven dogs requires a Kennel License; a fee of $40 is accessed per kennel of 8-12 dogs. An additional $5.00 is charged per dog in excess of 12.

Dog licenses must be purchased by APRIL 1, 2019, to avoid a late charge of an additional $5.00 per dog (State Statute 174.050). This will be enforced.

Lost dogs picked up by a Town Official and kept at the Town Hall will have a $20.00 per day charge assessed to the owner. A $50.00 one-time charge will be added for any unlicensed dog.

The Town does not deal with lost cats.