Educational Benefits for Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs states that about one million current and former servicemembers access a form of educational benefits from it, and that thousands more use financial support from military-friendly universities across the country. It’s part of our goal at SocialWork.org to ensure that our veterans and military members have the knowledge of these resources and their benefits.

To accomplish this, we’ve published guides to military-friendly colleges and financial aid for military members and veterans. The guides details what aid program is being covered, who is covered under it, and how to apply, as well as what it means for a school to be military-friendly. In addition, we’ve provided general guides to social work degrees for all those who wish to pursue it, including our future veteran social workers.

Have a look at our guides here:

Guide to Financial Aid for Military & Veterans – https://www.socialwork.org/resources/financial-aid-for-veterans/

Guide to Military-Friendly Colleges – https://www.socialwork.org/resources/military-friendly-colleges/

Guide to Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work – https://www.socialwork.org/online-degrees/bachelors/

Guide to Master’s Degree in Social Work – https://www.socialwork.org/online-degrees/masters/

We know that not all veterans and servicemembers are repaid for what they’ve given. Please help us give back to our veterans in a meaningful, simple way. Your contribution will make a positive impact on the health of our veteran communities.

Thank you for your help in sharing these educational resources.

April Anderson | [email protected]
Outreach Coordinator | SocialWork.org
PO Box 524314 | Houston, TX 77052