Kettle Moraine Lake Assocation Needs Your Help

Excerpts  from Kettle Moraine Lake Association Newsletter:

Invasive Control

Navigation on the lake was very difficult this year.  If you attended the General Meeting in June, you heard that we did not receive a permit from the DNR to spray/treat the lake in 2018.  There is no guarantee that we will get a permit to spray invasives in 2019, but the KMLA  planning committee and our management group are working with the DNR.  Surveys have been conducted on the lake and the results should be available soon.  We all know there was a bumper crop of weeds in the lake this year and I am sure the survey will agree with what we have seen.  The DNR will decide how much of the lake gets treated next year.  If the DNR allows a whole lake treatment, the cost could range from $50,000.00 to $100,000.00.  The cost is determined by the type of chemical they recommend.     

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KMLA will also apply for a grant to assist with the cost of the spray.  Grant dollars are in heavy competition.  The DNR has a grading scale used to distribute grants.  If KML wants to be in the running to receive the grants, we must perform some of the tasks required.  Some of these requirements include CBCW boat launch duty, water clarity testing, chemical water testing, oxygen testing, aeration, proper communication with lake residents and a proactive planning and management committee.

If we cannot provide these services, our odds of receiving a grant are slim.

Currently these services are provided by less than 20 families on the lake.  KMLA is in desperate need of more families to get involved and take on these tasks

        PLEA FOR HELP                                    We need You!                                        Fundraising for KMLA

In the past, fundraising efforts have raised between $6,000.00 and $9,000.00 annually.  The money was used toward invasive control (weeds) on Kettle Moraine Lake.  The fundraisers were run by a small group of lake residents for many years.  At this time, due to family and other obligations, the committee has stepped

down.  Unless a group of individuals takes over this role, fundraising, as we know it for KMLA will no longer exist.  This means no summer party, golf outing or chili cook off.  Many of you have enjoyed those events over the years.

Those of us that previously comprised the committee are willing to help and give guidance to others willing to step up.  If no one takes over fundraising, KMLA could possibly face a deficit with insufficient funds for invasive control (weeds) on the lake.