Long Lake – NO WAKE

The LLPA wants to give everyone an update on the slow no wake status as well as an update on the storm damage.

The lake has gone down from 10.5” over the normal level to 7” above the normal level as of September 1st.  The water level is dropping but not at a rate fast enough to be able to remove the slow no wake ordinance before the end of the holiday weekend.  We had a total of 16” of rain in three days last week, the dam is open as much as it can be at this point to drain the lake.  We will keep you updated when the no wake ordinance can be lifted.

Long Lake did get hit hard by the tornado that hit the area.  Most of the roads were opened up again by Wednesday afternoon and power was finally restored for most of the area by Thursday evening.  There are still many downed trees to clean up and unfortunately some properties with major structural damage but thankfully no reported injuries.