ORDINANCE 2018-2-1


Town of Osceola, Fond du Lac County

ORDINANCE 2018-2-1

THE TOWN OF OSCEOLA HEREBY amends Ordinance 2016-11- 1 by  adding highways included in Senate Bill 392 and Adopting Act 87, effective December 2, 2017.

Under 2017 Wisconsin Act 87, a city, village, or town may enact an ordinance authorizing the operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) on a highway that has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less and is located within the territorial boundaries of the city, village, or town.  The Act provides that a city, village, or town has jurisdiction over the highway, but it may not authorize ATV or UTV operation on a highway that is part of the national system of interstate and defense highways.

The following highways will be added to the Town of Osceola’s ATV – UTV travel road routes:

  • State Road 67 at the south end by the Ice Age Center, north 5.2 miles to the intersection of County Road B and G,
  • County Road F from First Street in Dundee east 0.4 miles to the end of the 35 miles per hour speed limit, and
  • County Road F from Lake Drive east 0.8 miles to Kettle Moraine Lane.

The following Town Roads will also be added to Osceola’s travel routes:

  • Elm Street in Dundee in its entirety,
  • Boy Scout Drive in its entirety,
  • Boy Scout Road in its entirety.

All DNR rules do apply.

This ordinance is effective on 30th day of March, 2018.

The Town clerk shall properly post or publish this ordinance as required under S60.80, Wisconsin Stats.


Adopted this 13th day of March, 2018

Thomas Thompson      

Chairman: Thomas Thompson


Kay Wege

Clerk: Kay Wege