January 9, 2018, Minutes

TOWN OF OSCEOLA                                                                                                                                 JANUARY 9, 2018, MINUTES

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm after a few comments: TT is checking on the question about speed limit in Waucousta; Assembly Bill 70 states that schools no longer HAVE to publish what they do.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  3. Roll Call taken: Terry Leininger, Jim Walter, Tom Thompson were all present.
  4. Proof of Posting: Website, Dins’ Mini Mart, Waucousta Food Mart, Town Hall
  5. Agenda: JW-motion to accept the order of the Agenda as presented, TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  6. November 15-18 Minutes: Tabled until February meeting.
  7. December 12th Minutes: TL-motion to approve the minutes as written; JW-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  8. Treasurer’s Report: The Town collected $77.22-Aluminum Cans; $100-Hall Rent; $1,450-Permits; $80-Operator Licenses; $90-Title Assessments; $60-Blacktop Patch; $85-TV/Monitor Drop-Off; $20-Dog Kennel; $305-Dog Licenses; $261.10-Special Assessments; $308.73-Fines & Forfeitures; $4,144.55-Personal Property Taxes; $1,363,311.04-Real Estate Taxes; and $43.21-Checking Interest to bring checking balance to $1,507,049.39. With earned Imma Interest of $11.15, Imma Investment Balance is $96,940.30.  JW-motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
  9. Expenses: JW-motion to approve the January expenses; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  10. Announcements: 2018 Town Advocacy Council of WTA Membership Invoice arrived with more information to be considered; Conditional Use Permit Training Jan 24 at Town of Fond du Lac Town Hall at 6:00 p.m. for our Plan Commission and Board to attend; Rusty Chesmore reserved March 1st  for a public meeting about the Hwy 67 Restoration Project; Feb 20-Primary election for Supreme Court Justice/April-Supreme Court Justice, State Officials, & State Referendum; 2018 Cmpt Fire and Ambulance Invoice with fee per capita arrived; Clerk Training in Green Bay is scheduled for July; Lions’ Club is hosting a Government Awareness Celebration at Lunatic Lounge January 17th at 6 pm; February 1 is Voting Equipment Training at the Court House for clerk & one poll worker, and February 9 in Ripon is Board of Review Certification Training & Chief Inspector for Election Training at the Court House for clerk and poll workers. Reminder that the Dundee Dam’s EAP and maintenance plans need to be turned into state by February 13th.
  11. Old Business
    • Emergency Management Plan: Plan is complete and needs only signatures and to be printed.
    • Town Ordinances on Turn-Arounds Section 3.12.11(G): Tabled
  12. New Business
    • TL-motion to approve Combination B Liquor License for the remaining 2018 period to Eric Ballone— Dundee Mountain Tavern/RTFP LLC, N3055 State Road 67, Cmpt (Feb-June) and to renew Eric Ballone’s operator’s license—Dundee Mountain Tavern; JW-second. All in favor; motion carried.
    • Ed Scannell—job application: Tabled
    • Armstrong Gymnasium Issue: The old gymnasium is being used for storage, but the contents seem to be extending beyond the building and are encroaching into the neighbor’s driveway.  Jim Baumardt offered to send us the survey map as he is on the on Board at Shepherd of the Hills to help determine what can be done.  The question is if the gymnasium is business or industrial to determine how to zone the property.  Tom will call the owner to discuss a possible clean-up solution for the area.
  13. Mill Park: Nothing to report at this time.
  14. Permits:
    • JW turned in all of his permit reports for the Assessor Nick Laird of Associated Appraisal to review.
    • Clerk will check with neighboring townships to see how they pay Brian Kober as an employee or as a sub-contractor.
    • Question raised: Should we require inspection of garages?  Definitely IF attached to a house; free standing garage or storage unit—NO.  Board will come up with a written policy to publish on website.
  15. Snowplowing: Lots of sanding being done, but not too much plowing yet.  Truck had a battery issue that is resolved.  Jim Baumhardt will send clerk a printed statement to explain the PROCESS to mix the salt and sand so the Town has a record of the agreement.
  16. Dundee Dam: We need to get a PDF of the inspection done by the Inspector and a copy of the EAP. Repairs will be made on and around east burm when weather warms.
  17. Water Patrol: The water is frozen and cold, new decals are on the boat, a new search light will be soon mounted onto the boat, and Moon Marine will polish boat for spring. January 21 will find Motorcycle Races on Kettle Morain Lake.  Question was raised IF the Board should put a police presence on the Lake.  Board decided that that would be the job of the event coordinators.
  18. Constable: Tabled
  19. Town Hall Maintenance: The new door sweeps are on and working!!
  20. Roads: We will receive $102,034.32 this year for Transportation Aid, but State is requesting additional information yet.
    • Sheehan Lake Lane Easement: Nothing yet—Mr. Butzke is very busy, and it’s too cold.
    • Appropriate signage around the Tiki Beach Resort will be done by spring with Chief Cook’s assistance for legalities. Still uncertain about speed bumps.
  21. Items for Discussion Next Month:
    • An additional dumpster will be added to recycle station at NO additional fee, to be picked up EVERY Wednesday. TT will speak with Recycling Agencies especially concerning cardboard.
    • Investigate new credit card carriers who do not charge annual fees?
    • What are we doing for ROADS?
      1. Get contract bids out in March so work may be done in June rather than September
      2. Schedule road meetings ahead of time for Big Ben, Boy Scout, and Kettle Moraine Lane
  • Make a calendar for meetings
  1. Adjournment : JW-motion to adjourn at 8:17 p.m.; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Submitted by Kay Wege