December 12, 2017 Minutes

                                                                              TOWN OF OSCEOLA                                                                                                                                                     DECEMBER 12, 2017, MINUTES

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:31p.m. after no Citizen Comments by Chairman Thompson.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  3. Roll Call taken: Terry Leininger, Jim Walter, Tom Thompson were all present.
  4. Proof of Posting: Website, Dins’ Mini Mart, Waucousta Food Mart, Town Hall.
  5. Agenda: JW-motion to take the Agenda out of order by moving item #11a AFTER item #7; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
  6. JW-motion to accept November 14th Minutes as written; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  7. November 15-18 Minutes: Highway Grant gathering of information.  Minutes read next month.
  8. November 30 Budget Minutes: No need to approve.
  9. Treasurer’s Report: The Town collected $18,761.94-Shared Revenue, $50-Hall Rent, $1,013.00-Permits, $114.40-Scrap Metal, $40-Operators’ Licenses, $60-Title Assessments,$163.50-Cold/Blacktop Patch, $5-TV/Monitor Drop Off, $1,545.55-Fines & Forfeitures, $20-Dog Kennel, $29.20-Recycled Cardboard, $75-FdL Animal License Sales, and $11.21-Checking Income bringing the checkbook balance to $172,389.55.  IMMA interest earned-$7.97 to bring the IMMA Investment balance to $96,929.15. JW-motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
  10. Supervisor Leininger and Treasurer Kutz demonstrated on the big screen a NEW option to pay property taxes  using a credit card; Property taxes may be paid by credit card via our new website—however, note that 3.75% of bill balance will be added to your transaction by the credit card company.  NOTE:  The actual fee charged was only 2.39% of bill balance, rather than 3.75%.
  11. New operators’ licenses for the 2017-2019 period :
    • JW-motion to approve Andrea Johnson—Camp Dundee; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.  Haley Tupper—Tiki Bar—was not present, therefore, tabled.   JW-motion to approve Bridget Ebert & Landon Donigain—Coustie Bar; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.  TL-motion to approve Damien Ehlert—Waucousta Mart, after private conversation concerning background check; JW-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
    • JW-motion to renew Margaret LaBode—Benson’s Hide A-Wayoperator’s license; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  12. JW-motion to approve December Expenses; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  13. Announcements: KMLA newsletter available to read; Conditional Use Permit Training* in January recommended for the Plan Commission to attend—Clerk will provide P.C.  Secretary with the necessary information; Rademan Stone sent us a Christmas Card; Primary election coming in February for Supreme Court Judge & electors informed of E-Poll books coming for future elections; Tax bills are IN the mail. Official fire inspection made at 6 p.m. this night—we passed with flying colors; and finally, January 12, 2018, a Christmas party will be held at Town Hall beginning at 7 p.m. for all employees and spouses—bring an appetizer to share.
  14. Old Business
    • Emergency Management Plan—Mike Sterr reported the plan is almost finalized, only need two board members to hold positions on plan: JW & TL volunteered.  EMP will be in place BY the first of the year.
    • Revise Town Ordinances on Turn-Arounds Section 3.12.11(G)—JW has nothing to report this month, but will report next month.
    • Liquor Licenses Increase—The Board discussed keeping Class A Liquor Licenses closer in line with Class B Liquor Licenses. JW—motion to raise the Class A Liquor rate from $50 to $125, and the Class A beer rate from $10 to $50; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
    • Trucking Business on Cedar Road-Zoned Farmland Preservation: There are three Cedar Road properties affected in “zoned Farmland Preservation” issue under question.   The Board discovered that two of these properties should be zoned residential (no farm animals) and one business.  TL suggested that this could be resolved with a conditional use permit.  The Board recommended that this issue be turned over to the Plan Commission after they have attended the training* to come in January.  Clerk will alert the Plan Commission Secretary of the Board’s wishes.  JW will also contact involved persons.
    • Urban Towns Association: Topic tabled until further study done.  New name now.
    • Garbage Bid for Three-Year Contract: Clerk submitted a new three-year contract with Roger’s Relics to continue the Garbage service.  Both parties were satisfied and signed the contract.  TL-motion to accept the contract as written and signed by all, JW-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
  15. New Business
    • Ed Scannell—job application—Tabled as the application has not arrived.
    • JW-motion to approve the 2018 Election Workers: Judy Placzkowski, Barb Brown, Marion Elsinger, Jolyn Keskinen, Cheryl Kutz, Ramona Abhold,
    • Arleen Schultz, and Sharon Thompson as alternate; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  16. Mill Park: There was a wonderful turn-out for the Love Light Tree Lighting Celebration on Saturday, December 2 with many people attendance.  The turban is still working well.
  17. Permits: New house going up on Northview Road.  JW turned in all the permit reports for the second half of 2017 for the inspector to view.  Clerk will call Mr. Brian Kober to inform him that he will receive a 1099 as independent contractor for 2018, and not be paid as an employee of the Town.
  18. Snowplowing: First plowing done on December 3.  We need more drivers.  Much salt and sand has now filled our salt shed in preparation for the upcoming snows.
  19. Dundee Dam: State Department of Natural Resources sent JW a letter concerning the Safety Inspection of the Dam.  Our rating has improved to Conditionally Fair because the dm needs some maintenance including brush removal and gate repair, and does not have an approved EAP and IOM.  Deadlines were listed to comply with these conditions.  See attached sheet.  The next required inspection will be in 2020.
  20. Water Patrol: There is a very probable new location for placing our dock into Long Lake by Mr. Ed’s Resort next summer.  Chief Cook and the Board will check into the liabilities involved to have our dock & boat there.  
  21. Constable: Topic tabled 
  22. Town Hall Maintenance: Earl Meyer installed sweeps on the front doors to keep out varmints and the cold.  They are already working as Mr. Meyer watched a mouse bee-line to door, smack his head on sweep and scamper back to the lawn as he found NO entrance.
  23. Roads
    • Amendment to No Parking Ordinance 17-1: JW read the inserted paragraph that gives Chief Cook authorization to enforce said ordinance.   Also that forfeiture is lowered from $200 to $100.  The ordinance is in effect beginning January 1, 2018.  TL-motion to accept amendment; JW-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
    • Vacate Melody Lane Update: Process has been completed with the Discontinuation being recorded with the Register of Deeds on November 21, 2017.
    • Solar Lane Update: At 6:15 p.m. December 12, 2017, the Town electors unanimously adopted a resolution pursuant to Wis. Stat. s60.10(2)(g) to authorize the Town Board to dispose of town real property consisting of the property known as “Solar Lane.”  JW-motion to move in the direction of the Town electors and sell Solar Lane to the owner of the residential property for the value received; TL-second.   All in favor; motion carried.
    • Sheehan Lake Lane Easement & Update: TT reported that all the signage has been put in place and the process continues to progress.
  24. Items for Discussion Next Month: Haley Tupper as NEW operator possibly, November 15-18 minutes, Sheehan Lake Lane updates, signage appropriately placed and labeled on Kettle Moraine Lane by spring, Mike Sterr questioned people apparently living in a camper located at the back of a storage shed at the Tiki Bar.  The Board’s only concern, if situation is not infringing on other residents, is the health and safety of those living inside the camper all winter.
  25. Adjournment: TL-motion to adjourn at 7:54 p.m.; JW-second. All in favor; motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Kay Wege