TOWN OF OSCEOLA                                                                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 14, 2017, MINUTES

  1. The November meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Chairman Thompson after Citizens’ Comments.
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  3. Roll Call taken: Terry Leininger, Jim Walter, & Tom Thompson were all present.
  4. Proof of Posting: Dins’ Mini Mart, Waucousta Mart, Town Hall, & new Town website
  5. Approval of Agenda: At 6:35 pm. JW made a motion to suspend the meeting briefly for the Hearing to Abandon Melody Lane. TL-second. All in favor; motion carried. The Abandonment of Melody Lane was brought before the citizens.  There were NO comments. The Board will continue the procedure to Abandon Melody Lane.  JW made a motion to reconvene the meeting at 6:37 pm. TL-second; all in favor.  JW-motion to take the Agenda out of order-moving #11a to present. TL-second; all in favor. Motion carried.
  6. JW-motion to approve the new operators licenses for the 2017-2019 period to Andrew Guptil & McKenna Giesfeldt from Camp Dundee. Jaden Mueller & Andrea Johnson were not present and, therefore, not approved. TL-second; all in favor. Motion carried.
  7. JW-motion to approve the October 10th TL-second; all in favor. Motion carried.
  8. Treasurer’s Report: The Town collected $23,511.87 Transportation Aid, $50-Hall Rent, $2011-Building Permits, $180.80-scrap metal, $64.80- Special Assessments, $40-Operators’ Licenses, $45-Title Assessments, $91.63-Aluminum Cans, $10-Cold/Blacktop Patch, $60.00-TV/Monitor Drop Off, and $14.94 Checking Interest bringing checkbook balance to$189,435.67. IMMA Interest earned-$8.23 for a total of $96,921.18 for the IMMA Investment balance. JW-motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read; TL-second.   All in favor; motion carried.
  9. Expense Report: JW-motion to accept expense report; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
  10. Announcements—Budget Meeting on Nov. 30 at 7 pm, CFD Quarterly Summary was received and made available for inspection for citizens, office hours at the Hall will be established by next meeting, POWTS (private on-site waste treatment system) has been raised $1 on tax bills for 2017 to $7.
  11. Old Business
    • Emergency Management Plan: NO report. TL requested a report for next month.
    • Website: Cheryl & Kay were given initial training on new website & Board members now have new emails to use; by January there will be more “meat” to see on site—adding forms. Next month the large TV monitor will be in place at the Hall.
    • Revision of Town Ordinances on Turn-Arounds Section 3.12.11(G): JW is still working on this.
    • Zoning Request Update for Pat Brophy—Northview Road: Documents are currently with Sam Tobias, but November 15 they will be submitted to the Register of Deeds.
  12. New Business
    • Liquor Licenses Increase: The liquor price for Class B licenses has been raised from $75 to $125.  More research is suggested to review the current pricing for Class A liquor licensing for liquor and beer sales.
    • Garbage Fee for Farms on Tax Bill: Clarification was requested to determine correct special assessments for garbage/recycling on the tax bills.  Farms and businesses charged $75; residential units—$60 each.  Combinations for business and a living quarter is $135;   a duplex—$120.
    • WTA Christmas party: All five Board members and spouses will attend.
    • Trucking Business on Cedar Road-Zoned Farmland Preservation: Discussion held about a trucking business operating on zoned exclusive agricultural land.  Board will investigate.
    • Urban Towns Association: Request from Auburn Chairman Ken Depperman to become members at $0.25/resident annually to assist our representative lobbyists who fight for our town rights.  Tabled until more research is done on the subject.
    • Garbage Bid for Three-Year Contract: JW suggested we publish bids for garbage collection as our three-year contract is over with Roger’s Relics.  TL suggested that we do NOT publish bids but extend the offer to the present contractor again.  Board requested a copy of original contract with Roger’s Relics for review.  JW-motion to extend present contract with Roger’s Relics with terms agreeable to both parties; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
  13. Mill Park: December 9 is the lighting of the LOVE LIGHT tree.  TT has more details about the LOVE LIGHTING ceremony. Bearings on the turban work now.  Dave Dins reported that garbage and weeds get caught in turban so trench needs routine cleaning to run smoothly.
  14. Permits: Tim Scannell putting on a new garage, Steve Beck requested a section of wetland to build a house, and Bob Guell would like to add a garage 36’ from right-of-way on Mitchell Road.
  15. Snowplowing: Ralph took truck in for maintenance check, salt/sand in shed, salt on corners in buckets, looking for more drivers besides Dave Kutz.  Sheboygan County will plow Mitchell Road and charge us accordingly. Some driver suggestions were given:  Jim Baumhardt and Chad Theisen, who already has a plow truck.
  16. Dundee Dam: No report
  17. Water Patrol: Chief Cook reported that the boat is out of the water so maintenance may be done. Five parking citations were dismissed due to the fact that the NO PARKING sign was only on one side of the road. Three other citations were amended. Paddy’s Pest Control will spray the boat now and in spring to alleviate the manifest spider overthrow.
  18. Constable: No report
  19. Town Hall Maintenance: Earl Meyer will create door sweeps for the double entry doors facing County Road F to eliminate the major draft currents along the floor and the invitation for “critter” infestation.  TT added lights on and in the salt shed.
  20. Roads
    • Amendment to No Parking Ordinance 17-1:
      •  JW-motion to amend the NO Parking Ordinance 17-1 to add Chief Cook as the enforcer, effective January 1, 2018; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried. JW will rewrite the Ordinance and present it at the December meeting.  Chief Cook suggested Board consider $75 PLUS court costs (about $132.50) as a reasonable amount for the fine.
      • JW-motion to amend the fine amount to $75 PLUS court fee costs; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
    • Vacate Melody Lane: JW-motion to continue the process of Abandoning Melody Lane; TL-second.  All in favor; motion carried.
    • Solar Lane: TT will talk to Jeff Butzke & lawyer to finish proceedings for a Quit Claim on Solar Lane.
    • Sheehan Lake Lane Easement:
      • Original easement document was internally inconsistent; therefore, Board seeks to clarify.
      • Discussion held with land-owner Wally Seibel and two adjacent land-owners, Jim Bramm and John Rohlfs, about creating a cul de sac large enough for a bus or ambulance to turn around & area for access of possible future development.  This cul de sac will also determine where the road ends.
      • The three land-owners will form a written statement agreeable to all parties, each giving an easement to the town for the building of said cul de sac by January 1, 2018. The Town will pay for the survey and manufacturing of the cul de sac at no cost to land owners.  Town will put up appropriate signage—End of ATV trail & NO THROUGH ACCESS now.
      • JW-motion to proceed to abandon the 66’ easement and develop the cul de sac; TL-second. All in favor; motion carried.
    •  Easement for drainage maintenance on Kettle Moraine Lane: Currently waiting for easement letter; drainage is complete and Paddy’s Pond is gone.
    • Drainage on Boy Scout Road & Kettle Moraine Lane:
      • Recent new grading of road has caused flooding by homes rather than into swamp area. Road grading needs to settle & will be redone in spring. Road needs to be above swamp level.  Discussed possible drainage ditch to traffic water toward swamp rather than homes.
      • Second Street has drainage issues from hill run-off; needs a seal coat/blacktop.
    • Stop sign on private section of Birchwood Drive: Board will put a stop sign on both ends of Birchwood. Also, Wally Seibel suggested we eliminate School Bus signs in areas where there are no longer children riding the bus.
  1. Items for Discussion Next Month: More operator licenses coming, Office Hours determined, Class A liquor license fees, Cedar Road Trucking Business issue, Urban Towns Association, Garbage Contract, Amendment to No Parking Ordinance, & Sheehan Lake Lane Easement.
  2. Adjournment: TL-motion to adjourn at 8:40 pm; JW-second. All in favor; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Kay Wege