Public Involvement Meeting for WIS 67 Improvements Notes

                                                                     TOWN OF OSCEOLA

                                                                  MARCH 1, 2018, NOTES


Rusty Chesmore and various team members from the DOT posted detailed maps on the wall around the room indicating the improvements and structures to be implemented from 2018 – 2021 along WIS 67 from the western county line to the eastern county line.

During a brief power-point presentation, Mr. Chesmore explained the five phases of this development and the impact on safety and environment for the community that will result.  The first four phases, the majority of the work, will be constructed outside the village of Campbellsport under flagging operation.  One minor detour for through-traffic will occur this summer during the construction of a box culvert just to the east of US 45; local access to Campbellsport will be maintained.  Some construction activities, such as reconstruction of driveways and trenching for utilities, may limit access to properties adjacent to WIS 67 for a very short period of time.

Most of the roadway outside of the Towns of Ashford and Dundee and Village of Campbellsport will be milled 2.5” off the road surface so that 2.5” of new hot mix asphalt can be laid down.  Each driving lane will be 11-12 feet wide, depending on the location, with at least 5 feet of paved shoulder, and in some places, an additional 1 foot of gravel beyond.  New guard rails and road grading will finish these phases.

The Towns of Ashford and Dundee roads will be resurfaced as above stated and maintained as much as possible as is.

A brief detour can be expected in 2020 when the intersection of US 45 and WIS 67 are being realigned for better vision and safety.

The Village of Campbellsport will see new pavement, curb & gutter, sewer & water lines, and new sidewalks in 2021.  Along the river on the east side, much grading will take place to lengthen the distance between road surface and the slope to the river itself for better safety factors.  There will also be a five-foot paved shoulder on each side of the road.  Some detours can be expected with construction through the village.

Project information hand-out, The Rights of Landowners Under Wisconsin Eminent Domain Law, and DOT Comment Form for the proposed improvements of WIS 67 are available from the Town of Osceola clerk per request at 920-979-8651 or [email protected].